BlendKit2017 Reading Reaction: Chapter 05

Quality Assurance in Blended Learning

Maybe I woke up in a bad mood, maybe I am pressed by the time to turn in my reaction to chapter 5 (less than 16h to BlendKit2017 to close), I feel this chapter is written thru a negative lens. I would have preferred to start by the end: it is possible and desirable to setup standards, but as everything else there are caveats and weaknesses.

I believe that first and foremost, e-learning, b-learning, "x-learning", it's all about... learning. Pedagogy, theory in action, build on top of a relationship with students, that's what's really important. Among so many things that influence the teaching-learning process, like the medium thru which you interact, it is the teacher who is the most important factor in determine the quality of learning. And for that we have standards.


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