BlendKit2017 Reading Reaction: Chapter 03

How will I determine students are learning?
My first answer was “easy, same ol same ol”: in my f2f courses I use (1) group projects to be developed outside the classroom, (2) individual critical reviews to be written also outside the classroom, and (3) written tests performed in class. So when replacing the f2f to b-learning I thought it would be enough to move the above assignments 1 and 2 to the online realm, and keep the third in the f2f portion of the course.
Well, this might work in a class of 10, possibly in a class of 30, but now I realize that it is undoable in a class of 100 — here I am struggling with the numbers... again :) So I really need to change my assessment strategy if I want to have more than 30 students enrolled. And I do want.
Then Chapter 3 came to rescue me. I believe I can keep the same mix of out and inside classroom, that is to say, on- and off-line, but I have to 1) introduce auto-scored quizzes focused on HOTS with the recommended countermeasures — random, time limit, one time completion — 2) build rubrics with the students as a way of informal assessment, and 3) for the kind of learning that cannot be assessed by quizzes, like performing skills (e.g. teaching), ask students video recordings.
I think I’m gonna do it now. See U.


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