BlendKit2017 Reading Reaction: Chapter 02

Questions to ponder

Chapter 2 did not allowed me to grasp the role of interaction in courses in which the emphasis is on declarative knowledge or in courses that cultivate procedural knowledge. I really failed to get it.

On the other hand, I believe that I got a little bit further in the other two questions: what kind of interactions at f2f and online, and what factors might limit f2f and online interactions.

Two fundamentals:
  1. We Humans have more ideas than the words we can speak. We also speak more words than we can write.
  2. Communication between Humans is as verbal as non-verbal — body talks :)
So, with these fundamentals in mind, we must design f2f activities (addresses fundamental 2) where students can speak freely, without any kind of recording (written or audio) (addresses fundamental 1). An activity like brainstorming will be a good bet to star a topic.

Of course we need to write things down (needed for formative and summative assessment), so we can blend in a forum, where students can post their reaction to a prior reading, with teachers stepping in to comment on one or two ideas, enough to show students that you care and value their opinions :)

When students are scattered in a region, like when placed in different schools for their pre-schools teaching practice, classes can be taught almost like in a f2f situation using an online meeting space, also called VLE - Virtual Learning Environment, like Adobe Connect, or Big Blue Button.

Besides these interactions between students and teachers, if our design include a PBL- Project Based Learning methodology the final interaction will consists of students presenting life their work to an audience of experts outside de course via Skype or other videoconference software, like Google Hangout.

The main limit for VLEs and videoconference online interaction are the technical requirements, light, audio, broadband internet to all the participants, something that is not always easy to accomplish.

Thats it. Please have your say.