BlendKit2017 Reading Reaction: Chapter 04

How and when will I introduce and collect student work?

I teach music for many years now and I always divided the music curriculum in Units. Each Unit is built around a central musical work giving unity to the... Unit. All my Units include three musical activities CAP Composing, Appraising, and Performing, and two supporting activities of SL Skills and Literature. This CLASP model gives uniformity to curriculum organization, giving consistency to all the Units, and thus facilitating learning as students know exactly what to expect and when. Musical activities are assessed thru rubrics that I show and explain when starting each musical activity and are used as formative assessment prior to the final Performance as summative assessment.

OK, this is me as a Music teacher. Do I replicate the model when teaching Didactics of Music? Well, Chapter 4 show me the answer: NO.

Things are much clear now. No matter what the delivery method, face-to-face or online, the focus has always to be on pedagogy. I keep saying this to my students when I teach Music & ICT but I fail to transfer this principle to Didactics of Music. Call them Units or Modules they include content+assignment. Each Module has to be broken down into lessons and activities with clear assessment guidelines. This also has the advantage of bridging the gap between the two modes f2f and online, giving continuity to the learning process as it moves from in-class to out-of-class and back.

Now I know I have to make things much more clear. Thanks.


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